Format to Avoid Video Call from Clients Yahoo [Exposed]

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In the world of companionship, video calls have become a popular way of communication to build trust with clients. However, you may need the format to avoid video call from client yahoo when necessary.


There are situations where a client may insist on a video call before believing that you are real. In such cases, it is possible to use alternative formats to get out of the video calls. Just keep reading to get the latest format for avoiding video call and still get paid the funds without getting blocked.

Format to avoid video call from clients

Format to avoid video call from clients


It can be easy, but not a walkover, to avoid having a video call with your client. Besides, since they are your client, you automatically owe them a video call or more, so this becomes the hard part.

That said, below is the best format to avoid video call from clients:

  1. Military man/woman format

Now, while the military format might seem pretty old school, it still works.

Here’s how it works. Basically, you tell your client that you’re on a secret mission in some sketchy ‘god-forsaken’ place and you can’t do video calls because it’s too risky.


You tell them due to some military protocol your conversations with anyone must be discreet, so they shouldn’t expect you to open up yourself so soon to them. Don’t forget to tell them you will be back soon and they will see you in person.

If you’ve not already discussed the possibility that you’re military personnel, you could make your claim look real by sending them your military pictures.

  1. Secret spy format

Another format to avoid video call from clients yahoo one is pretending to be a spy for the government or any private organization. You can explained to your client that you’re on a super secret or classified mission somewhere you can’t mention and your phone is tapped, but you really want to find love. Also mention that you can’t do video calls because of security reasons, but you’re happy to chat and text.

Then you can follow it up using whatever ingenious trick comes to your head.

  1. Oil rig format yahoo

There’s also the oil rig format. It’s all pretty messed up, but people still fall for it to avoid video calls from clients in yahoo or any other platform.

You may pretend to be an engineer working on an offshore oil rig where you can’t do video calls because it’s not allowed due to company policy.

Then tell them you’re really lonely and looking for someone to talk to. Also, promise to text them when you have the chance, but you might not be able to chat all the time because of work. Then you can use a clever trick to get what you want from them.

By the way, CGP Holdings, Inc. tried to bust the oil rig format and explained that people using this format tend to “say they can’t video chat due to poor signal or another excuse.”

  1. Bad camera/gadget format

Who hasn’t had tech issues before? It’s the perfect format to avoid a video call from clients without getting them suspicious.

You can decide to blame your slow internet connection, your glitchy camera, or your moody microphone. Or, if you want to be a little extra, claim that your computer just exploded.

Trust me on this, no one can argue with technical difficulties, not even your client. Nevertheless, this format can make your yahoo client mistake you to be a romance scammer.

  1. Emergency exit format

Sometimes you just need a way out of a video call with a client, and “I don’t feel like it” won’t cut it.

But don’t worry, there’s a solution: the emergency exit format.

Use something opaque to cover your camera for up to 3 seconds after you pick up the video call, then tell your client in an alarming tone that your pet needs emergency surgery or that your grandma fell down the stairs and you need to go check on her or some other lie you can cook up that goes with your conversation with your client thus far.

Just remember to be ingenious as this is a little more up close and personal than others. Remember that it’s not easy to trust some random guy online. So, your yahoo client may try to be a bit defensive on her to be sure that you’re not a romance scammer. Or that if you are, they can be able to outsmart you.

  1. Fake meeting format

Work, work, work. That’s your format for not answering the video call from your client.

Tell them that you have a super important meeting with your boss or an acquaintance that you just can’t skip. Make it sound like you’re about to close a million-dollar deal, and they’ll be too impressed to question it. Nobody’s going to need you to answer a video call when they know you have super important work to do.

Excuses to avoid video call from client

  1. My laptop is dead. …
  2. I’m in the bathroom.
  3. I have to walk my dog. …
  4. I’m feeling sick….
  5. My Wi-Fi is down. …
  6. I have another Zoom meeting. …
  7. I’m doing my project … …
  8. I have to help my mom with … …
  9. I don’t look nice at all. …
  10. Tell them you need to use the loo or you’re hungry
  11. Find someone or something else to blame

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, there are other excuses you can come up with also. Just make sure they ‘sound’ right.

Why should I avoid video calls?

It is essential to avoid video calls because clients may become suspicious, or they may feel emotionally connected and want to see you.

While it is possible to come up with excuses to avoid video calls, you should be careful not to get caught. Additionally, it is important to remember that clients may not have a valid reason for wanting a video call, and dismissing it with a flimsy excuse can work.

However, you should be smart about it and use reverse psychology to maintain your game until you are able to get what you want from them.

How to avoid video calls while chatting

Here’s the lowdown on avoid video calls from a client while chatting:

  1. Tell them you’re on a trip

One format to avoid a video call from clients is to tell them that you’re on a tight schedule and you can’t really do video calls right now because of a business trip you have to take care of.

Trust me, they’ll buy this one.

  1. Tell them the network is bad

You can easily use a bad network excuse to avoid a video call while chatting.

You can tell your client that the video calling network in your area is terrible and you can’t risk dropping the call.

  1. The ‘lost’ phone excuse

Simply let your client know that you lost your phone and won’t be able to do any video calls for now until you get a new one.

But you need to get creative with this one as your client might see through it in a short while.

  1. Distract them with a gift

There’s also the option of buying some time by offering to send your client a gift just to placate them that you’re sorry for not being able to take their video calls.

Two birds with one stone; One, you just pulled the wool over their suspicious thoughts with a gift, two you just reassured them that you’re ‘really’ real and committed to your ‘relationship’.


How do you convince a client not to do a video call?

Just look for a pretty believable excuse or format depending on your chat flow with them from the beginning thus far. Don’t say something out of place that might get them suspicious of you.

What is the best format to avoid video call from client?

The best format to avoid a video from clients is one that suits you and your client’s profile, outlook, and conversation history beforehand. In other words, the format you choose to use will depend on your past and current situation with the client in question.

Final thoughts — yahoo format to avoid video call

So there you have it, folks. The best format to avoid video calls from clients. Just remember to use these tricks sparingly and wisely.

Of course, it works most of the time but primarily up to you on how you apply the format. Just be sincere with your client to create a stronger relationship.

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