Can I WhatsApp Someone In Another Country? [Tips and Tricks]

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Typically when you add an international number without tweaks on your phone and try to add them to WhatsApp, you can’t find them. So how do you WhatsApp someone in another country? And this aims to clarify the question “can I WhatsApp someone in another country?”


You can WhatsApp someone in another country via calls without the need for excessive international call tariffs, and your internet connection is sufficient.

So to WhatsApp someone in another country, the person’s contact details must be in your contact list, or you would have to add the contact number to your device contact list via WhatsApp or your device contact.


After you’ve made foreign friends online and then decide to save their contacts and exchange messages on WhatsApp. Their contact details will be displayed on your WhatsApp contact list as long as they are saved on your device. Also, WhatsApp will allow you to save contacts once you receive a message or call from a number not saved to your device

We will be describing two methods for getting this done in this article. Firstly, via the WhatsApp Application itself, and secondly, via your phone or sim contacts.

How to Add Someone on WhatsApp from another Country?

We will now cover in detail the ways you can add and WhatsApp someone in another country. The information in this section will enable you to add a person from another country on WhatsApp irrespective of your device type – Android or iPhone, tablet or mobile device.

  1. Add via your device’s Contact List App

This option is the easiest option to add a contact to your WhatsApp from another country. It is done by adding them first as a contact on your mobile device.


Note – usually, the interface of your contact app may differ depending on the make and model of your device. The method for saving international contacts remains the same irrespective of device. Also, numbers from a will require you to add the international dialing code to the contact number so it can be reached. We follow the steps to save your WhatsApp contact from another country.

  • Click on your Contacts app from the apps display menu on your mobile device (Android or iOS).
  • Locate and touch the + (plus) icon on the screen – usually at your screen’s bottom right-hand corner. Doing this will prompt you to a “create a new contact” page.
Save contact to WhatsApp someone in another country
Click on the + sign on the far right of the phone
  • On the “create a new contact” page, input the basic details of your contact, such as first name, last name, Email, company, etc. If linked to your mobile device, you can also select a storage location for the contact – SIM card, phone, or email address.
a sign showing how to add phone contact
Click on the Add Phone Number to expand it
  • When inputting the mobile number of your contact, first provide the country code followed by the phone number. For example, For example, if the contact is in New Zealand, type in the country code (+64), next the area code, and lastly, the phone number.
Bring out the “+” sign.
foreign phone number format to save international contact
Save your number in the International format
  • After entering the details in the required information in the fields provided, click on Save. It is usually located at the top right-hand side of your screen.

Note; devices may vary, so ensure you correctly locate the reference point on your screen to save your contact details.

  • When you are done creating the contact, open your WhatsApp application from your device; next, tap on the Edit icon (three dots icon on the top right-hand corner).
  • Next, select the Refresh option. When the refresh is complete, you can scroll down the WhatsApp contact list to view the contact you have added, as it now appears on WhatsApp.

Adding directly from WhatsApp.  

WhatsApp provides an option to create a contact from the application. This is irrespective of your device – Android or iOS. For persons who haven’t downloaded and installed the WhatsApp application, you can get it by downloading it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, depending on the software your device uses.

  • Launch your WhatsApp application on your mobile device.
  • On launching, click on the Chat icon in your screen’s bottom right-hand corner. This will take you to the Contacts screen.
  • Select the New Contact option, which will prompt you to add a new contact.
  • The “create new contact” screen will provide a list of fields that you will have to input data. You will have to input data such as name, phone number, and Email in the fields provided.
  • You can also change the storage location of your contact. Storage areas such as SIM card, phone, or email address, if linked to your mobile device, will be the options provided.


So for you asking can I WhatsApp someone in another country? You’ve seen the two possible ways to make it happen. After creating the new connection, you can reach out to them, provided their contact number is the basis of their WhatsApp messenger account. If you can’t find the contact on your WhatsApp contact list and chat, the tab refreshes your WhatsApp contact list. So yes, you can WhatsApp someone in another country.


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