How to Send Money to Someone Without ID

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You would think “It’s the 21st century after all, so everything needs an ID now”. What if I told you that you could still send money to someone without ID? It’s possible but can be a little risky.


You want to send money without revealing your identity for various reasons. Perhaps you’re planning a surprise for someone or prefer to donate anonymously to a cause.

Whatever your motivation, it’s reassuring to know that there are numerous methods to transfer funds discreetly. In this guide, you will discover the best ways you can make a money transfer without anyone knowing it’s from you or without the recipient necessarily needing an ID.

Key Takeaway
  • There are various methods to transfer funds discreetly without the recipient needing an ID.
  • Options include wire transfers, paying with cash, and using mobile payment apps.
  • Other methods include bank account deposits, gift cards, prepaid debit cards, and using platforms like GoFundMe or sending cryptocurrency.

Is There a Way to Send Money to Someone Without an ID?

There are many ways to send money to someone without an ID. However, the recipient needs to have access to such a method to be able to get the money with no problem.

You don’t want the funds hanging while the recipient struggles to get access to it. Remember, no ID is required, so the recipient must not be put in a situation where they require identification to access the funds.

In this post, I have mentioned the various platforms you could consider. You would not need an ID, neither would the recipient to receive funds.

Send Money to Someone Without ID

How to Send Money to Someone Without ID


1. Send a Wire Transfer

Wire transfer How to Send Money to Someone Without ID

You can send money to someone without ID, just consider using a wire transfer. The steps involve first visiting your bank or using a non-bank transfer provider like Western Union.

You will need to give details like your government-issued ID, how you are paying (like a credit card or bank account), and the recipient’s details. This includes their name, address, and bank account information.

Remember, while wire transfers are not anonymous, they are a safe and quick method to transfer a lot of money.

2. Pay with Cash

How to Send Money to Someone Without ID pay with cash

Indeed, remaining anonymous when sending money would not be a problem if you pay with cash. Handing over cash directly to the person you want to give it to is one of the most private methods.

If you want even more privacy, you can ask someone you trust to deliver the cash for you. This ensures that there’s no record of you making the transaction.

However, if you prefer to put cash in an envelope and leave it somewhere for the recipient, you want to be cautious. There’s a high chance it could get stolen. Always choose a safe place, such as a locked mailbox, to leave the money.

3. Make a Mobile Money Order Payment

How to Send Money to Someone Without ID money order

A mobile money order is another method you want to consider to send money to someone without ID. Want to know how?

Just go to places such as your local post office, grocery store, or pharmacy. They offer money orders that you can buy with cash.

When filling out the money order, use a made-up name instead of your real one. Do not use your real address. But remember, if the money order isn’t delivered, it won’t come back to you.

*Each money order has a maximum limit of $1,000.

Once you have the money order, you can ask someone you trust to hand it over or place it in a safe spot like a locked mailbox for the recipient to pick up.

4. Use a Mobile Payment App

Mobile payment app How to Send Money to Someone Without ID

When using online payment platforms like Venmo, Zelle, or Cash App, consider creating a separate email that does not have your real name. This helps in keeping your identity hidden. If necessary, you can notify the recipient to also open an account using a different ID.

While you will need to provide your actual bank details and legal name, many of these apps allow you to display a pseudonym if needed.

The recipient might be skeptical about receiving money from an unknown source, thinking it’s a scam. So, you should have a discussion with them before the transaction.

If ensuring the money reaches the other party is your top priority, I would advise you to use your genuine details and name.

Remember, even if you use a pseudonym, the person you are sending money might still be hesitant, thinking it’s a phishing attempt.

5. Bank Account Deposit with No ID

Bank account deposit How to Send Money to Someone Without ID

You can ask the bank to deposit the cash directly into their account. Just provide the recipient’s full name and bank account number.

*However, before doing this, make sure to check with the bank.

Some banks don’t allow cash deposits into other people’s accounts because it can lead to fraud.

So, confirm first. If the bank allows it, you can go to the bank where the recipient has an account and request the teller to deposit the cash for you.

6. Gift Cards

Gift card How to Send Money to Someone Without ID

You have probably come across closed-loop gift cards. These are specific to certain stores or eateries, and a reliable way to send money to someone without ID.

For instance, if you buy one for a particular restaurant, it can only be used there. On the other hand, open-loop gift cards function more like prepaid debit cards, minus the ATM withdrawal feature.

A popular example is the Visa gift card, available at many local grocery stores or online. Some of these open-loop cards even allow you to add funds once they are depleted. If you do not mind gifting one, consider asking a friend to hand it over or place it securely where the receiver can find it.

7. Prepaid Debit Cards

Prepaid debit How to Send Money to Someone Without ID

These cards are similar to regular debit cards but come with a twist. You can load them with money and give them away without revealing your identity.

Most banks or credit unions offer them. The recipient can use them for shopping, bill payments, and even ATM withdrawals. Moreover, your personal details aren’t linked to the card.

For delivery, either entrust a reliable person or securely place it where the recipient can access it, such as their private office or a secure mailbox.

However, be aware that some cards might come with activation fees or charges for ATM withdrawals. Also, some of these cards can be reloaded once the funds are exhausted.

8. Make an Anonymous Donation

Donation anonymous

Donating without revealing your name is quite common. If you are handing over your donation in person, simply request the staff member to not disclose your identity.

Alternatively, you can use a donor-advised fund to make the donation for you. Just do a quick online search to find nearby donor-advised funds, and you will get a selection of organizations to consider.

9. Use a Fake Name in Business PayPal

Business paypal How to Send Money to Someone Without ID

Consider using a PayPal business account to send money to someone without ID. With a business account on PayPal, you have the flexibility to choose any name, unlike a personal account which requires your real name.

To switch, go to your PayPal settings and click on Upgrade to a Business account.

It is not mandatory to have a personal PayPal account before setting up a business one.

When registering for a business account, PayPal will still need your full legal name. However, the business name you choose, which can be any name, is what will be displayed when you transfer money.

For added privacy, create a new email address without your name and link it to the business account.

Keep in mind, sending money using a fake business name might raise eyebrows. The recipient might hesitate to accept the funds, fearing a scam.

If your main goal is to ensure the recipient gets the money without any hitches, it might be best to stick to your personal account with genuine details.

10. Write Someone a Blank Check

Blank check How to Send Money to Someone Without ID

Use a “temporary” check from your bank to complete a transfer of funds with no ID on the part of the recipient. Start by visiting the bank where you hold an account. Once there, ask the bank teller for a blank or “temporary” check.

Typically, these checks will display your account and routing numbers at the bottom but won’t have your name pre-printed on them. This leaves an empty space in the upper left corner, allowing you to fill in a pseudonym or an alias instead of your actual name.

However, even if you use a pseudonym, it’s essential to remember that you must sign the check at its bottom. While some banks might provide a few of these temporary checks at no cost, others might have a fee associated with them.

11. Send Cryptocurrency Anonymously

Cryptocurrency How to Send Money to Someone Without ID

Cryptocurrency offers a level of privacy that many appreciate. When you transact with crypto, you can choose to use a pseudonym, making it harder for others to identify you. However, remember that details like the amount transferred and your wallet address might be visible on the currency’s blockchain.

For enhanced privacy, consider using a VPN that doesn’t keep logs. This makes it tougher for anyone trying to trace your identity. Additionally, changing your virtual wallet address with each transaction can further boost your anonymity.

12. Use GoFundMe

GoFundMe How to Send Money to Someone Without ID

When sending money through GoFundMe, you can choose to hide your name from the public view on the fundraiser page. Just look for the option “Don’t display name publicly on the campaign” beneath the fields where you enter the donation amount and your name.

But remember, while the public will not see your name, the person organizing the fundraiser and the recipient will still know who you are. Also, when donating, make sure to use the exact name that is on your credit card. If you use a different name, your donation might get sent back to you.


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