Can a Scammer Fall in Love with Their Victim? [What to Know]

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Online relationships are becoming increasingly popular, so many people can fall in love with someone they’ve never met in person. But not all internet relationships are real. Romance scams, in which scammer trick their victims into thinking they are in a relationship, are becoming more common. But can a scammer fall in love with his victim?


A scammer can fall in love with his victim, but it isn’t genuine love, as the scammer is looking for a legal way to exploit you, using love as leverage for his plans. The main intentions were to influence you, so falling in love with you is an official way to manipulate you legally without consequences.

Can Scammers Develop Genuine Feelings?

Although it’s rare, scammers have been known to develop genuine feelings for their victims. While most romance scams involve criminals adopting fake online identities, sending money first to gain their victims’ trust and manipulating them for financial gain, there have been cases where a scammer genuinely fell in love with the person they scammed. Despite the unlikely scenario, staying vigilant and recognizing the potential dangers of falling in love with a scammer is crucial.


In the weird world of scams, it’s not impossible for the scammer and the target to feel real feelings for each other. Scammers are still people with feelings and want, after all. As they talk to their victim, the scammer can start to care about the connection. They might fall in love with someone they were trying to take advantage of for money or some other reason.

But it’s important to know that this doesn’t happen very often. Most scammers are good at lying and only care about their end goal: using their victims to make money for themselves. They are good at manipulating people and acting as they care, but real love is usually not part of their plan.

Reasons why a Scammer Might Fall in Love with You

A scammer might profess love to you, but there are many cynical reasons why that would happen. Let’s consider the common ones.

Excess Communication

Spending constant time with someone ideally leads to feeling developing, which most times people assume it to be love.


Due to the scammer spending a lot of time with you on instant chats to win your trust before ripping you off, they may get used to you and the communication.

They can’t just ask you for your phone number, money information, credit card or bank account number, or other vital information because they know they’ll get caught.

So the first thing they do is try to get to know you better before executing their initial plans. In the process, they may fall in love with your personality, communication, and flow. But I doubt if you should equate this to falling in love.

They want to exploit you legally.

Scammers know that catfishing and impersonation are criminal activities and risk being arrested and jailed. The objective is to rip you off quickly and move on to the next victim.

But on the other hand, the scammer would appreciate removing the mask on his face and looking for legal ways to exploit you by professing love and pretending to fall in love with you.

If you fall for this trick, you will be in grave danger of losing more than you ever imagined.

They are looking for better benefits.

This might be pretty common if the scammer is from a 3rd world country. The scammer’s earning potential while catfishing might be low – especially if you are someone familiar with the signs of romance scammers. To improve their potential, they might come out clean and start professing love for you.

The aim is either to use you as leverage for a better life or to get married and use your citizenship to access a first-world country.

To get married and divorce later

Can a scammer fall in love with his victim? Yes, because he plans to marry her, get the benefits of marriage, and divorce later while getting your financial support.

Make his scam easier.

Scamming is complex. Also, telling lies to cover previous lies is hectic. When a scammer falls in love with his victim, he intends to unmask himself and make his job more manageable.

That way, he comes out clean as a scammer but uses ‘love’ as a soft landing to keep you to himself. That way, he no longer needs to catfish while harbouring the idea of parting with your money and other benefits.

Dangers of Falling in Love with a Scammer

Power imbalance:

When one person lies to the other, there is a big power difference between them. This can hurt the person in both an emotional and a financial way. Even if a scammer has really fallen in love, the relationship is still built on lies and manipulation, which is harmful and can’t last in the long run.

Problems with Trust:

Trust is the key to a healthy partnership. The victim’s faith is used and manipulated in a romance scam. If the scammer told the victim how they really felt, it would be very hard for the victim to trust their partner again. The person may also have trouble trusting people in the future because they were hurt by someone they thought they loved.

Emotional Manipulation:

A scammer falling in love with a victim may use emotional manipulation to keep the connection going. They may try to explain why they did what they did or convince the victim that their feelings are real, but they will still keep lying to them. This kind of manipulation can make the person being manipulated feel upset and confused, and the relationship isn’t likely to be healthy or safe.

Legal Consequences:

If scammers get caught, they can face very bad legal consequences. When the scammer is caught, if they are dating their victim, the victim may also have to deal with the law. Also, the mental effects of this kind of news can be devastating for both people.

The Scammer’s Past:

It’s essential to consider the scammer’s past and how they usually act. If they have a past of using other people for their own gain, even if they fall in love, there is a big chance that they will go back to their old ways. If someone has a habit of lying, it’s hard for them to change, and it’s not smart for the person being lied to think that their love will be enough to make them stop.

Foundations that are not healthy:

A relationship built on lies and manipulation is not likely to be healthy or safe. Even if the scammer really cares about their victim, the lies and betrayals they have told them to make it hard to build a trusting and caring relationship.

Financial Risks

In romance scams, scammers often target their victims’ finances. They may ask for personal information, money, gifts, or other financial support, constantly concocting elaborate stories and emergencies to justify their requests. The financial consequences for the victim can be severe, sometimes resulting in the loss of significant amounts of money or facing crippling debt.


While it is possible for a scammer to fall in love with their victim, as highlighted by Doves of Love, it remains a rare occurrence and is often accompanied by various dangers. It is essential to be cautious and verify the identity of individuals met online, especially when developing romantic connections, as advised on Romance Scams.

For instance, scammers may use a confession of love as part of their scamming strategy, as mentioned by Scamfish. Thus, even when a scammer claims to have fallen in love and comes clean about their initial dishonesty, trust should not be lightly granted. It is crucial to remain vigilant and watch for other deceitful behaviour.

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