How to Make Someone Give You Money Without Asking

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Money is a valuable resource that can help us achieve our goals and live the life we want. However, asking for money can be difficult and can put a strain on our relationships with others. Fortunately, there are ways to make someone give you money without asking directly for it. In this blog post, we will explore several strategies and tips to guide you through.


How to make someone give you money without asking

How to make someone give you money without asking

The following are the ways to make someone give you money without asking:


1. Tell the amount you need and why you need it

Before you can make anyone give you money without asking, you must first determine the exact amount of money you need and the reasons why you need it.

For example, if you need an item of about $300, It could be a designer bag or anything at all. Make sure that you convey the exact amount that you need to the person and explain the reasons why you need that item. Instead of merely stating your needs, you should demonstrate how the new item like the designer bag will make a great impact in your fashion life. This way, you are providing the person with information rather than asking them directly.

  1. Look attractive always

To get someone to give you money without directly asking, try to entice them.

Physical allure plays a significant role in attractiveness. It is a strong way to get what you want from other people. To maximize your chances of success, make sure to dress well and prioritize your self-care routine.


For instance, if you’re a woman, your physical attractiveness may lead men to be more inclined to pamper and cater to you. Alternatively, if you’re a man, some wealthy women may be more willing to provide financial assistance based on your physique and overall attractiveness.

  1. Learn when they are very vulnerable

One easy way to get money from someone, no matter what gender they are, is to make them feel safe and secure about life. Watch for their weak spots, whether it’s before a big work project or some other event, and help them out.

For example, you can help by helping them pack for their trip or doing anything else that will make their life easy. These are things that make someone give you money without asking.

Ensure that the person doesn’t feel pressured, and offer ideas to help them out instead of demanding that they do what you say.

  1. Provide a reciprocal exchange

It is not polite to ask someone to do something for you without offering something in return, regardless of how small the task is or how much it benefits you. If you would like the person to buy you dinner or a drink, it is courteous to offer them something in exchange, even if it is just expressing your gratitude. For instance, you could say, “Could you do me a favor and allow me to buy your next drink? It would mean a lot to me, and I would feel indebted to you.

  1. Try to read their minds

You can’t literally read the minds of others but can create mental models to effectively intuit people’s thoughts and feelings, according to Psychology Today.

Understanding the thoughts and behavior of the person you wish to receive money from can provide valuable leverage because by gaining insight into their mindset, you will identify ways to make them give you money without asking them.

To achieve this, focus on identifying their primary desires and work towards fulfilling them.

However, you need to be cautious and avoid appearing too dependent, as this may cause the individual to lose interest in you. Maintain a balanced approach to achieving your objective.

  1. Be mysterious

Say less than you think, and give them something to wonder about. Don’t talk about all of your business if they ask. Tease them with little bits of information, but don’t give away too much at once.

The more questions they have, the more likely they are to do what it takes for you not only to satisfy their curiosity but also to prove that they did something worthwhile for you as well.

  1. Be valuable

Demonstrate your value instead of waiting for someone to recognize it before giving you money. There are various ways to accomplish this, such as sharing your marketing expertise on social media to attract potential clients or referrals.

Relying solely on selling images of your body on platforms like Instagram, Craigslist, or OnlyFans to earn money may be a true reflection of the value you can provide. However, being a valuable individual naturally draws people to you, and those who appreciate your skills may even offer to compensate by giving you money without asking

  1. Give compliments

If as a lady, you want to get a man to give you money without asking, compliment him. Men often face a barrage of negative remarks, critiques, and grievances from various sources, such as work or friends.

Being the only person who provides him with validation, praise, and support may prompt him to express his appreciation through monetary or non-monetary means. Ensure that your compliments are sincere; otherwise, the outcome could be disastrous horribly.

  1. Demonstrate your appreciation

Make it a habit to express gratitude for any kind of favor or assistance, no matter how small it may seem. This attitude will encourage them to strive harder and go above and beyond for you.

  1. Surprise him/her with a gift

As a woman in a relationship who wants her man to give her money without asking, you may find that this strategy works well. Most men don’t want to be outdone by their partner, so if you give them a thoughtful gift like a shirt, they may feel compelled to reciprocate with something equally special, like bags or shoes.

If you go even bigger and give them a vehicle, you might just earn yourself a home in return. Of course, it’s not all about material possessions – surprising someone with acts of service can also go a long way. Taking care of their clothes or cleaning the house can show them how much you care.

  1. Connect with the appropriate social circle

Elevate your expectations by surrounding yourself with individuals who surpass them. For instance, if you’re a woman seeking financial support without having to ask, befriend men who exceed your standards.

Now, how can you meet such individuals? You can meet them through social outings, mutual acquaintances, or by actively engaging on social media platforms.

Building a strong online presence that appeals to wealthy or high-value individuals is an effortless way to get money without asking. Also, consider joining discussion groups where you can meet affluent individuals in your vicinity.

  1. Avoid excessive dependence

Once you have established friendships with affluent individuals, whether through virtual or real-life encounters, avoid becoming overly reliant on their financial support. This behavior can potentially push them away, viewing you as a burden rather than a valuable connection. Do not appear as a beggar, this can diminish your worth.

If you are unemployed, it can be challenging not to become overly dependent. Therefore, broaden your network by cultivating relationships with multiple rich friends that will give you money.

  1. Market yourself

How do you market yourself? This is simple, post attractive pictures/ videos on social media; you don’t have to lay in bed with someone to market yourself.

You can choose to host live sessions periodically. But before going live, create a post to promote it on your social media feed, to ensure that it appears on the feeds of your rich acquaintances.

  1. Sometimes romance works

Engaging in consensual romantic activity can have a powerful impact on a relationship, particularly if it is satisfying for both parties. As a woman, recognize that men (as long as they are not toxic or promiscuous) will go to great lengths to support someone they love. They may donate money, time, and energy to make you happy.

If your partner sees himself as a king in the relationship, he will act accordingly by showering you with gifts, financial support, and kind gestures to keep you content.

Keep in mind that not all men have financial resources at their disposal, so it is best to save grand gestures for when they have income. Nonetheless, subtle actions should be taken earlier on to avoid seeming exploitative when the time comes to ask for support.

It is advised not to seek out women in need but rather those who are financially secure, such as sugar mummies, who may not require a relationship but instead desire romantic encounters.

  1. Ask what you need

Do not hesitate to ask for what you need. If you have made multiple attempts to make someone give you money without asking, and it has not been successful, ask them directly. There is no harm in asking, but be tactful in how you ask. A subtle approach involves hinting at your needs, such as asking for money for clothing and then purchasing shoes.

Make it clear to the individual that you require more assistance than what they have offered without being overly direct. You can use nonverbal cues in addition to verbal communication to emphasize your request.

How to make a man give you money without asking

If you’re female, below is how you make someone give you money:

1. Give him what he likes

To win your man’s heart, give him what he desires. You need to give in order to receive, so provide him with his favorite foods and gifts he’s been wanting — anything else you know he likes. Not only will this make him more likely to give you money willingly, but it’s also key to maintaining a happy relationship.

  1. Flirt with him

Great relationships don’t always rely on romance but on mutual respect and friendship. Instead of expecting your partner to give you money without asking, you can show him that you admire and respect him by valuing yourself enough not to accept his hard-earned cash.

Flirting is more than just exchanging pleasantries, it’s also about communication and active listening. No matter the topic, make your partner feel emotionally connected to you.

  1. Boost his ego

When it comes to spending money, men are often driven by their own interests rather than those of their partners. If you’re hoping your husband or boyfriend will spend on something meaningful for you, let him believe it was his own brilliant idea.

When you boost his ego, you’ll make him feel more masculine and more enamored with you—inspiring him to spend on you without asking.

  1. Make him believe he is in charge

Men are often drawn to women they can care for and protect. However, if you come across as helpless or needy, it may be difficult to persuade them to spend money on you.

To make him feel like he’s in charge, try seeking his assistance or guidance in achieving your goals instead of directly asking for material things.

For instance, if you’re out shopping and have your eye on a pair of shoes that he likes, ask for his opinion on them instead of buying them right away. If he agrees that they suit you well, he may even be inspired to pull out his credit card and purchase them for you.

  1. Get him a thoughtful gift

This strategy is very effective. Most men don’t want to feel outdone by their partner. If you give him a thoughtful gift, he may feel motivated to reciprocate with an equally thoughtful gift in return.

For example, if you give him a nice shirt, he may want to surprise you with a handbag or a pair of shoes. If you go above and beyond by gifting him a vehicle, he may feel compelled to repay you with a grand gesture of his own, like buying you a home.

Additionally, you can surprise him with acts of service, such as taking care of his laundry or cleaning the house. These small gestures will show him that you care and appreciate him, and may encourage him to be more generous in return.

  1. Ease his concerns about giving you control

If you’re looking for ways to make your man spend without asking for it, address his potential concerns. One of his common fear is that you may use the power he’s given you for your own benefit, rather than for the benefit of the relationship.

To put his mind at ease, make a conscious effort to reassure him that you won’t abuse your newfound control. Be clear about your intentions and show him that you’re committed to building a healthy, equitable partnership. This way, he becomes more willing to give you money without asking.

  1. Send subtle signals

You need to approach the topic of financial support in a way that doesn’t come across as manipulative or demanding. You want him to offer his assistance willingly and without feeling pressured. To do so, you can send subtle signals that indicate your needs and preferences.

For example, you might mention a product or service that you’re interested in, or casually suggest an activity that requires funds. However, keep these signals nonchalant and avoid presenting them as ultimatums.


Getting money from someone without asking is not that difficult. If you follow the advice listed above, you will be able to get all the money you desire from people.

However, It’s important to note that it is not proper to see getting money from someone without asking as your birthright. Endeavor not to make this an attitude you cannot do without.

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