How to Make Fake PayPal Payment Screenshot for Prank

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For whatever reason, you need a fake PayPal screenshot or even a confirmation email, and wondering how it works. This is the article you need to learn about how people make fake PayPal payment screenshot for many positive reasons. Faking a PayPal screenshot is useful for pranks or just-for-fun DIY projects you need to work on during your free time. It’s also a way to get your friends to think you have so much money on your PayPal balance to send to them, when, in fact, you have only a few bucks lying in your account.


Just a side note: make sure you don’t use this positive guide to mislead others. It’s illegal and you could potentially be fined or jailed, or both.

How to make fake PayPal payment screenshots

How to make fake PayPal payment


It’s simple; follow these steps carefully to make fake PayPal payment:

1. Create a fake PayPal account

The first thing to do is create a PayPal account. You can easily create a new account by visiting the official PayPal website “”, and providing information, such as a fake name, address, and phone number. Note that you can only have one Personal account and one Business account on PayPal. So, if you already have a personal PayPal account, you need a VPN to create another with a different email and phone number.

Or if you don’t want to go through the hassle of creating a new account, you can simply use an old PayPal account with a past transaction history. The most important thing is to make sure at least one transaction has been carried out on the account. Just go ahead and log into your PayPal with or without phone number.

2. Increase your PayPal balance

Next is sending the fake payment screenshot, now’s where you need to get some work done:

  1. Open the PayPal website in a web browser and log into your PayPal account, whether it’s your real or alternate account.
  2. After logging in, you’ll be directed to your transaction history page for the last 30 days.
  3. Select any transaction from the list of transactions displayed.
  4. Right-click anywhere on the page and select “View Page Source” or “Inspect Element” from the context menu. This will open the Developer Tools of your browser.
  5. In the Developer Tools, you should see the HTML source code of the PayPal transaction you clicked on.
  6. Look for the section that has USD, EUR, or GBP amounts and change the figure.
  7. After making the changes, save the modified HTML file (remember to save it as “[filename].html).
  8. Open the modified html file you just saved on another tab in your browser.
  9. Your fake PayPal payment screenshot should be properly displayed with your desired changes reflected.

Following these instructions to make fake PayPal payment simply means you already have some basic knowledge of HTML and other programming languages previously.

If you cannot follow these instructions or do not have basic programming knowledge, you also have the option of using any of the fake PayPal payment screenshot apps available on the internet. The apps do all the work for you with none of the stress. Including sending a fake payment confirmation email that you can use for whatever purpose you wish such as pranking your friends.

A more complex option is to use Photoshop or any advanced image editing software for this.

3. Create PayPal confirmation email

Now, you’ve learned how to make a fake PayPal payment screenshot to fool your friends into thinking you’re a millionaire. So how do you prank them into thinking you’ve sent them a hundred quid for a quick weekend getaway?

For fun sake, here’s how to make a fake PayPal confirmation email:

a. Create your own PayPal email address

PayPal will usually send payment confirmation emails from the email address. So what you should do is create something similar.

You can use any free email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and the like. Just remember to keep it close to the original as much as possible. However, yours will be something like

No need to create a custom email that’ll look like to look similar but distinct.

b. Send the fake mail to their PayPal email

You can ask your friend(s) for their PayPal email since you’re pretending to send them some money, and then send the fake confirmation email to the email address they give you. Just remember to use the email address you created previously in Step 1.

Here’s how an original PayPal payment confirmation mail looks:

Subject: Payment Received

Dear [Your Friend’s Name],

This email confirms that you have received a payment of [Amount] $ from [Your Name] on [xx-xx-xx]. The transaction details are as follows:

Transaction ID: [XXXXXXXXX]

Payment Method: PayPal

Please log in to your PayPal account to verify that the payment has been received and to complete the transaction. Once the payment has been verified, please ship the product or provide the service as agreed upon.

Thank you for your business.



Simply edit the above email draft by inputting the relevant information into the proper sections as outlined in the email draft. You can create a million-dollar confirmation email if you wish.

4. Let them know it’s a prank

Now, before your pals go jumping into the ‘deep end’ thinking you’ve just come into some fortune, it is best to let them know that it’s just a prank. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to get them into trouble. They might even be thinking that you’re tricking PayPal to increase your funds.

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Can I ignore a fake PayPal invoice?

Yes, you can ignore a fake PayPal invoice by simply reporting and ignoring it. Don’t call the listed number or send any money as it’s likely a phishing scam.

Can PayPal payments be faked?

Yes, PayPal payments can be faked. There are a lot of PayPal scams out there, from chargeback scams, to fake screenshots, emails, and a lot of other various forms and tactics that can make a fool out of even the most discerning individual(s) online.

How do I verify a payment on PayPal?

To verify a payment on PayPal, simply log into your PayPal account and check your transaction history. If the payment is not shown in your transaction history, it’s more than likely to be fake.

Final thoughts

While I don’t endorse or condone any fraudulent behavior, I do hope that this guide on how to make fake PayPal payment for pranks has provided you with some entertainment and humor.

Like I said at the beginning, don’t use this fun DIY guide to mislead others or put them into trouble. It’s illegal and you could potentially be fined or jailed, or both.

Now, go have some fun pretending you’re a millionaire.

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