How to Make a Fake Driving License Fast [Prank Your Friends]

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Do you want to prank your friends or maybe you go into some sort of argument online about having a license or not. I will show you how to make a fake driver license that you can use just for prank purposes.


On no account should you tender this to the cops because even though it looks real, the numbers aren’t registered with the state Department of Motor Vehicles. So you will be caught and charged to court.

I have only used my fake license to prove that I started driving long before someone whenever I find myself in such an argument.

If you are in a similar situation, don’t worry; I will show you how to make a fake driving license that works using my experiment. After this, you may then use it to secure successful registrations for the things you require.


How to Get a Fake Drivers License Online

There are two modes of making use of the fake license generator. In this article, both methods are carefully crafted for you to have a better understanding. They will include:

  • how to make a fake drivers license online for free
  • how to make a counterfeit drivers license at home

There will be a more in-depth focus on how to make a fake drivers license online for free. It is because people barely follow the pattern. Also, this is the pattern I used to make a fake drivers license before taking it to a cyber café.

This option allows you to design your license the way it best matches the standard in your country. Everything is done online and downloaded in the form of a document – PDF, JPG, PNG, etc. Some websites provide premium services while others give them out for free. I know a couple of free websites that offer excellent fake driver license; below are the websites:

There are 4 different ways how to make a fake driving license online.

  • Downloading Online Maker Apps
  • Using License Maker Websites
  • Buying License Online
  • Accessing and Filling Driver Templates Online

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  1. Downloading Online Maker Apps

There are several apps I would recommend for this experiment. Using an app will require only your details for it to scan and deliver a fake driver license template. The only problem I have with it is that it takes a bit of time.

Anyways, I also experimented with using other online apps.

Note: Most of the fake license maker apps on the Play Store and Apple App Store are headaches and not working.

How I Did Other Trials

For me to succeed in how to make a fake driver license that works, I left the famous app stores. I went deeper into the internet in search of authentic license maker apps, and I came up with two perfect ones.

  • Canva and another very rugged and illegal license maker app. I will only provide this one on demand because it works even better.

For Canva

Using Canva is relatively more straightforward than you may have in mind. At first, it looked very complicated, but I managed to understand it. Canva is a fake license generator that allows you to log in with the app and creates driver’s license for free for any country. This application provides different services.

  • It allows you to make a license from existing templates
  • You are free to modify the templates
  • Also allows you to make yours on a friendly user interface

All you have to do is create an account that should take you about 2 minutes, and you’re close to completing the job.


With PDFFiller, you can make a fake driver’s license that works within seconds. After making the fake driving license, save the template and visit the nearest computer store for printing.

how to make a fake driver license
A License made with a website


SignNow uses the PDFFiller platform. Nevertheless, it is a great place to use for generating a fake driver’s license. It is instant, and all you have to do is print out the fake driving license template.

  1. Using License Maker Websites

For fake license generators on websites, you should have a strong network connection. The tools are strictly available online and cost data. The advantage is that they provide complete tools for making a fake license.

I came across the premium and the free sites. I don’t think the premium one is what you need right now.

Note: You don’t have to be a pro designer to be able to use these websites.

how to make a fake driver license
Click on the website

Fill your information

Fake Online Drivers License Maker

One good thing about Best Counterfeit is that they can even provide registered drivers license. However, this feature is not available at the moment. Well, we just have to settle for the unregistered one for now.

You will have to take the document for printing, which will be done immediately.

  1. Buying License Online

It is an expensive medium but works excellent. I only recommend this option for people that need drivers license urgently for something. The reason is that the money you pay here would be almost enough to obtain an original one in secretariats.

The sites that offer the fake driving license service include:

  • 21 Overnight (you’ll like this one from the name)
  • Fake ID
  • Quality Counterfeit

Their charges are a bit high, but they deliver professional license making.

After providing them with your location, also send them a sample of the driver’s license in your country. It would be helpful for them, and it is ideal regarding how to make a fake driving license that works.

Do not pay if the sample work has features mistakes until they are corrected. When you receive the doc, locate a computer service store, and print it with the plastic card printers.

  1. Accessing and Filling Driver templates Online

I tried using online templates a few weeks ago to prank my wife by switching with her original license. Just as I expected, she did not know. I later told her, and she was amazed. I used PICturando templates to create a fake drivers license.

I learned that ID Fakes provide quality license templates too. I do not know this and can’t confirm the claims for you. However, I went through the website, and their template collections were amazing.

For me, using online templates is the most user-friendly way of making a fake driver’s license. These websites allow you to explore the design and even tweak available templates to match anything.

Note: When done with the design, visit the closest printing store to print out the license. The store should have a plastic printer that is in good condition for a better result.

How to Make a Fake Driver License at Home

This mode is suitable for people who own the Plastic Card Printers like Canon PIXMA.

how to make a fake drivers license at home

  • Submitting Details at the Nearest Cyber Café
  • Using Offline License Creator Apps
  • Submitting Details at the Nearest Cyber Café
  1. Use a Computer Printing Store

While you may not be conversant with the use of computer software or mobile apps, this should be the choice. If I had gone for this choice earlier, might be I wouldn’t have lost that business.

An advantage of this option is that the computer operators are more skilled and would likely deliver something superb.

When the design corresponds with the standard in your country, take your document home and print it out or pay to the cyber café. I allowed the cyber café to run mine because I do not own a plastic card printer at home.

  1. Using Offline License Creator Apps

While at home, you can make a fake driver’s license offline. I now use mine to do pranks and other experiments. There are premium apps, but I’ll recommend free apps for the fake driving license design. The only disadvantage is that the design tools are limited. And this owes to the smallness in the size of the app. Here is how to make a fake driver’s license at home that works in your country.

However, the best offline app is Fake ID Pro. It is a premium app, but I can provide you a link to get it for free. Use the comment section to indicate interest.

Why You Need a Fake Drivers License

There are several reasons why you need a fake driver’s license.

  • To prank friends and family
  • Avoiding to miss out on a registration that is close already
  • Saving time, energy and money (do not make this permanent)
  • For experimental purposes like mine

Other than the above needs, there is no other reason why you need a fake driver’s license.


Unless experimenting or trying to prank people with this fake driver license, we do not support making a fake driver license for anything serious. Other than the justifiable experiments you just read, this blog advises against the making and proliferation of fake drivers licenses.

When circumstances demand, do not hesitate to make a fake driving license. The estimated cost of making a fake driving license falls within the range of $2 and $10. The price will increase depending on the quality and materials you use to print.

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