How to Sell Clothes on Depop: A Smart Guide

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When you know how to sell clothes on Depop, you will outsell competitors in your niche comfortably.


It is easy to sell clothes on Depop; set up your profile, upload and describe your listings, promote the item, and sell and receive payment using any of the path payment methods on Depop such as PayPal.

It costs just 10% of your sale of an item on Depop. Depop charges the percentage after you complete a sale.


So, it is not free to sell on Depop, but it is free to list your items.

Compared to other platforms, Depop offers a more tailored place to sell clothes with less competitiveness. The platform is fully optimized to accommodate sellers that trade clothes for money or swap for another item.

How to Sell Clothes on Depop

In this section, I disclose the steps I employ to sell clothes fast on Depop.

If you do not sell fast on Depop, then Depop is not for you.


So, below are fast steps to sell clothes on Depop:

Design Your Profile

Okay, your niche is clothing, no arguments. But what kinds of clothes are you dealing with? Vintage tops? Men’s shirts? Trousers? Or, do you sell every collection?

Regardless of what clothes you sell on Depop, the structure of your Depop profile must communicate clothing specifically.

Get some beautiful photos online to give you a dream-looking profile for selling clothes on Depop.

Also, make a brand out of the Depop platform and do not fake top brands such as Gucci to mislead the audience and sell the clothes.

Pick a Clothing Niche

If you plan to sell clothes on Depop for the long term, begin with a niche and cement your authority on the platform.

It is okay to start with multiple clothing niches on Depop, but being niche-specific is most preferred.

You want Depop buyers to find something unique about your profile rather than do exactly what every other person does.

You may narrow the niche to vintage or classic wear, or you may sell for men or women only. Typically, clothes for both genders (male and female) sell fast on Depop depending on your target audience and promotions.

People believe that ladies’ wear sells faster, but men’s wears sell fast equally.

You could focus on selling used clothes or clothes that you sell to people. Remember, it is all about being unique as I mentioned earlier.

When you are confident that you have cemented an authority on Depop, you may announce that you would be selling a new branch of wear for your buyers to be informed.

Create FAQs

The importance of having FAQs is it provides answers to the questions your potential buyers have about your clothes.

I figured out that buyers prefer to read their answers rather than ask the seller because it saves them the time to wait for your messages. If you have no FAQs, buyers will move on to other seller profiles to buy clothes.

Over the period I have sold clothes on Depop, I have done experiments and also ask buyers questions I use to improve. One such question is whether they see your FAQs as a policy page regarding your operation.

Your FAQs would contain questions such as:

  • How long do you ship?
  • What’s your payment method?
  • Do you refund?
  • What are the sources of your clothes?
  • Are your clothes durable?
  • Do you charge for shipping?
  • Do you ship domestically only? Etc.

Provide suitable answers to these questions and watch buyers flock to your seller profile to buy your clothes on Depop fast.

Engage the Account

We have quite some ways to engage a cloth selling account on Depop. Why I advise you to engage your Depop seller account is that the Depop algorithm tends to promote engaging accounts automatically.

You can participate in the listing of other persons, react to updates, and name friends with other sellers and buyers.

To engage your Depop cloth selling account does not mean you should spam the platform. Of course, if the algorithm detects spammy activities on your account, it may be suspended.

Use Unique Photos

When the pictures are unique, you will more buyers. You could sample the clothes on dummies or put them on and capture them with an excellent camera.

If you have no digital camera, your phone should be enough.

You also need a plain background to place the clothes before taking the shots. I prefer a white background, but a clean colorful background would make great photography.

After capturing the images, you may use your logo. I believe you have a logo because if you are venturing into selling clothes for the long term on Depop, you need one.

Use the logo as a watermark on every photo to show that you own them.

Do not use random photos online because a hundred sellers could be using the same already.

List Clothes Optimally

If your cloth listings are not well-optimized, people will not find your seller profile when they search for clothes to buy on Depop.

You should describe the clothes naturally for the algorithm to note and display them to potential buyers.

Typically, sellers on Depop rely on hashtags to sell clothes on Depop from organic searches.

Although your keywords are provided in the descriptions, hashtags help to boost search appearances on Depop.

You must use them optimally by specifying the name of the clothing you intend to sell. For example, if you are selling a vintage top, your hashtag would be #vintagetop, #classictop, #classicswears, etc.

On the other hand, every time you mention the cloth you are selling in the description, it serves as the keyword.

Note that you do not have to overuse the terms used to describe the clothes you sell. Sometimes, the algorithm sees it as spam and an attempt to outrank other sellers in the community. Here is what Depop also recommends

Make Yourself a Brand

As mentioned earlier, it is best to become a brand if you plan to be a seller on Depop for the long term.

When a seller is branded on Depop, he is better respected than an unbranded seller. The obvious reason is that sellers see branded sellers as serious or professional sellers.

So, if you must become an authority on Depop for selling clothes, you need a brand.

It is illegal to mimic already established brands such as Adidas, Nike, Pierre Cardin, etc. When Depop finds out, your account will be suspended and it is illegal to use their names to sell, especially if you are not licensed and if you are selling fakes.

Nevertheless, you can buy and resell their items as their items but under your name. Give yourself a suitable brand name like Cixzy Wears, Dress, Beauty, etc.

Before you craft a name for your profile, search Depop for similar names. If any, do not use the name for branding yourself.

Give Special Offers

You may have fun special offers on Depop such as shipping for free and selling at discounted rates.

It entices buyers to transact more and buy your clothes fast on Depop. A typical buyer on Depop is most concerned about freebies before determining whether the quality of your clothes is worthwhile.

So, you can hasten sales with offers as I mentioned above, and watch how the frequency of your sales skyrockets.

Know how to Ship on Depop

To become an excellent Depop seller of clothes, know how the shipping process works. Find out about the shipping duration and estimate each duration before clothes get to your buyers.

Depop allows you to specify when a seller will receive their clothes, and it is your responsibility to estimate the time. Buyers arriving to buy from you typically expect to receive the clothes at the exact date, which is not the case always.

So, you must keep in touch with the buyers once you ship items. Also, provide them with the tracking ID of their item.

For courier services, you may use either FedEx, USPS, or UPS. Pick any service you believe would deliver the clothes to buyers within a commendable time frame.

Specify a Payment Method

If you accept payment for clothes via checking, you are responsible for becoming a victim of fraud.

It is advisable to use PayPal as your payment method as it is integrated already into your Depop account. PayPal is the Instant Pay on Depop for you to control transactions and it helps fight against fraud.

To set up PayPal on Depop, create an account with PayPal first. Then, from your Depop account, navigate to Profile» Preferences» PayPal and complete the required fields to connect your PayPal account with Depop.

Promote Your Seller Account

You may promote your account by sharing it on other social platforms. Encourage people to buy from you and refer you to others.

You can give referral rewards and encourage your buyers to tell loved ones about your clothing store on Depop.

If possible, perform swaps with other sellers and request reviews in turn. Of course, you will also review their product on their profile.

If you have a close person that intends to buy from your physical store (if any), ask them to buy via your Depop store so that they can leave reviews. In this regard, you will build your account to a 5-star profile that sells clothes on Depop.

After each sale, follow up on the shipping with your buyer. keep communications alive and request reviews because some buyers never return to review your item.

Depop PayPal Payment Problems and Solutions

Depop advises every seller to use traceable payment methods for transparency and to combat fraud.

If you use PayPal, you will encounter some problems.

Below are the problems with Depop PayPal and solutions:

Payment Hasn’t Been Cleared

When you find this error, it means that PayPal is yet to clear the payment that the buyer made with a credit card. If the payment is not cleared, do not ship the clothes.

Unclaimed Payments

When payment is unclaimed, you have to verify your PayPal account.

User Cancelled Payment

When a buyer cancels payment on PayPal, submit a request with this form, and select “payment issue” for the Depop team to investigate the transaction.

Payment Placed on Hold

When a payment is on hold, the clothing is yet to reach the buyer.


Is Depop a Good Place to Sell Clothes?

As long as you follow instructions, Depop is a good place to sell clothes fast, especially if you are a beginner at selling clothes online. Note that Depop takes 10% of every sale you make. But you can bypass the charges by accepting payment by checking. The downside, however, is that you risk being scammed. So, your payment method should be the recommended payment option.

Is It Easy to Sell Clothes on Depop?

One of the easiest places to sell clothes online is Depop and you are just a few clicks away from listing and selling your clothes. Compared to most platforms, Depop makes a decent platform to sell clothes without stress.

Is It Better to Sell Clothes on Depop or Poshmark?

Poshmark is a great platform to sell but Depop brings you closer to the buyer to know what they want and what they do not. On Depop, you can engage with buyers and even sellers without outstanding transactions.

Is Depop or eBay Better to Sell Clothes?

You must be well established to sell clothes fast on eBay, but you can sell clothes faster in Depop even as a beginner. Depop is not so better than eBay but Depop provides all the features you need to sell clothes to buyers fast. You may use the description fields and hashtags to optimize your listings.

Final Thoughts

In this article, I disclosed the top tips regarding how to sell clothes on Depop fast. You may read the tips to sell fast on Depop.

Depop is an easy place to sell any kind of clothes but you must not sell fakes; otherwise, your listings will be taken down. In some cases, your account may be suspended indefinitely.

Before you plan to sell clothes on Depop, understand whether you want to use Depop as a permanent platform for selling online. If you want to sell for the long term, you need the strategies, as mentioned in this article, to sell your clothes on Depop.

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