How to Get PayPal Money Off Hold Without Tracking Number

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Online retail shops, small business owners, and companies find PayPal as a convenient way to receive payment for their goods and services. PayPal has made these transactions hassle-free. There are times however when PayPal may hold money such as funds.


When PayPal puts your funds on hold, you may have to wait for up 21 days to get the money off hold. This waiting period may not be convenient for small business owners who may need such funds to keep the business running.

Here in this article, we shall address reasons why PayPal puts funds on hold, how to get PayPal money off hold using the tracking number and how to do this without a tracking number. So, sit back and enjoy the ride.


Why PayPal puts your money on hold

Having your money put on hold by PayPal is never a pleasant experience. Naturally, PayPal users would immediately wish for a quick way to have the money released. Well, you are about to learn that apart from the tracking number, you can get PayPal money off hold without a tracking number.

PayPal does not put money on hold to punish its users. Rather, this happens for one of several reasons including ensuring the safety of the buyer and seller.

Sometimes, this is experienced mostly by new users of the platform or old account owners who have been inactive for a while. Adding your tracking number to your shipping order is the primary method of getting the PayPal money off hold but not the only way.


PayPal reserve the right to temporarily deny you access to your money sometimes to protect the buyer. Online products are sometimes not as advertised. So, when the buyer acknowledges receiving the ordered item in a satisfactory condition, the withheld money may then be released.

Here are a few other reasons why PayPal may put your money on hold

• An old seller whose account has been inactive for a while: old sellers who for some reason have not sold products in a while may face a similar situation. PayPal money may get held up as a result. with time, as you carry more transactions, you build trust and may stop experiencing this.

• When your selling price takes an unusual pattern: PayPal may hold up your money when your selling pattern suddenly changes. That is, the system becomes suspicious of foul play when you start selling an incredibly higher-than-usual number of products.

• When your account receives an unusually large some

• When the products you sell are known to experience customer dissatisfaction: PayPal may hold up your money when your customers express their dissatisfaction.

When a product is delivered late or in poor condition, it may get the customer to file a formal complaint. When you are flagged for this, your money may be withheld until this is resolved.

The quickest way of dealing with this is to reach out to the buyers and reach an understanding. In the future, ensure who communicates with the customer about a possible delay in delivery, the state of the product, your refund policy, and other similar issues.

• When you are a new seller: new sellers are yet to demonstrate their credibility and still gain customer trust. For this reason, they may have their money held up by PayPal until the buyer states satisfaction with the delivered product.

Can you get PayPal to hold without a tracking number?

PayPal users are constantly searching for how to get PayPal money off hold as more and more users get their money held up by PayPal. Adding the tracking number will surely reduce the number of days for which the money is held up.

There are however other ways to get PayPal money off hold without tracking numbers. To get PayPal money off hold without a tracking number, you will have to first identify the reason why the money was withheld. This is usually stated in an email sent by PayPal.

Let’s take a look at the step-by-step guide on how to get PayPal money hold off without a tracking number.

How to get PayPal money off hold without tracking number

In the email sent by PayPal, you will find that the reason your money is being held up is that you are a new seller. You can get PayPal money hold off by following the instructions below.

• Launch the PayPal app and log into your account

• Open your transaction history

• Select the transaction that was held up

• You will be redirected to a confirmatory page. Select the date the product was delivered, then Click confirm to show that the product have be delivered.

After confirming the delivery, PayPal will reduce the initial 21 days to 3 or 7 days. So, you will have to wait for another 3–7-day you access your money.

This however may not be convenient for a small business owner. Alternatively, you can reach out to the customer to further speed up the release of your held-up money.

Ask the buyer to confirm the shipment to release the money. Here are the simple steps required to confirm shipment by the buyer

• The buyer should log their PayPal account

• Select the payment they sent to you

• Select the button that says “confirm shipment received”

After you confirm the delivery of the product and the buyer on the other hand confirms receiving the shipment, PayPal will have no other choice than to release the money immediately. This is how you get PayPal money held off without a tracking number.

Part of the to prevent this from happening is to add a tracking number before shipping. If, however you fail to do this, the above steps could help resolve the issue and get PayPal money off hold.

You can also set up a customer care service that keeps customers updated about product delivery and also entertain other concerns of the customer.

Final words

When PayPal holds up money, it is usually because the seller is new. You can get PayPal money off hold without tracking number by confirming delivery and reception of the delivery.












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