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“How to make a fake bank account balance” This is one hell of a funny question we get asked a lot. And it’s always got us in stitches anytime this question pops up. But then again, it’s not really as ridiculous as it seems. So we’re going to teach you how to make one.


Humans have a funny way of judging others based on appearances, and a large bank account balance is often seen as a symbol of success. But why not have a little fun and play with people’s perceptions? As experts, we know the primary intent of the fake bank account balance prank is humorous.

If your pals have been teasing you about how little money you make, and you want to fool your pals into thinking you’re wealthy, you can easily create a fake bank account balance to fool them into thinking you have so much money.  You can enter a fictitious account balance, create phony transactions, screenshots and even more. Trust us, you’d have the ladies falling over themselves to have you.


Still want more? Come right in and let’s show you ways to make a fake bank account balance. At least you’d get to be a millionaire in your dreams right?

How to make a fake bank account balance

There are a few ways to fake a bank account balance online, but they are not widely known. We stumbled upon these methods while trying to find ways to improve our finances. However, we realized that the main thing was to find legitimate ways to get rich in the ‘actual’ sense. So we kept on looking.

Fortunately, the knowledge we gained turned out to be valuable in other ways. Now, let’s get into the details.

  1. Create a fake bank account balance using scripts

This is the best method to fake a bank account balance. It involves getting the necessary tools and building an actual online bank.


To create a fake bank account balance using scripts, you will need the following:

  • Domain name (name of the bank)
  • Hosting
  • PHP script
  • Coding expertise

First, buy a domain name for your bank, such as “Zwifer Bank.” You can purchase a domain name from platforms like Shinjiru.

Next, get a hosting account to make your website accessible online. Shinjiru provides hosting services suitable for this type of project.

Once you have your domain and hosting, build the website and add money to your profile. You will have administrative control to create your profile, add funds, and even download an account statement to show your final balance.

  1. Use Image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or Pixlr

Creating a fake account balance screenshot as a prank requires careful attention to detail and image editing skills. If you’re someone who pays attention to every detail then go ahead, if not then we think its best you ship this one. With that being said, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you achieve convincing results when creating your fake bank account balance:

  • Choose image editing software: First, choose an image editing software like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or Pixlr. These tools offer the necessary features for editing images.
  • Obtain a relevant account balance screenshot:  Find a screenshot online that resembles the desired account balance layout or create a mockup using a graphic design tool. And then open the screenshot you want to modify in the software. Make sure it’s a clear and readable image.
  • Plan your modifications: Plan what changes you want to make, such as the account balance or transaction details. Consider the bank’s logo, account number, transaction history, and any other elements that may need adjustment.
  • Use layers: Use layers in the software to work on your modifications. Create a new layer above the original screenshot to separate your changes. This allows you to separate the original image from your alterations.
  • Modify the account balance: Change the account balance to your desired prank amount using text overlays or selection tools. Pay attention to the font, size, and alignment to match the original screenshot.
  • Adjust other details: Make other adjustments if needed, like modifying transaction history or adding/deleting entries. Keep things consistent with the original screenshot, like fonts and spacing.
  • Consider realism: To make the fake account balance screenshot more realistic, incorporate subtle variations. Make it look realistic by adding small imperfections, such as uneven lines or natural variations in color.
  • Review and refine: Zoom in and carefully review the entire image for any inconsistencies, such as unnatural edges, blurriness, or pixelation. Refine your modifications until they seamlessly blend with the original screenshot.
  • Save the edited screenshot: Save the edited screenshot in a format that maintains image quality, like PNG or TIFF. Avoid using lossy formats like JPEG, as they can degrade the image quality and give a discerning eye a chance to notice any unnatural alterations to the image.

This method also works for faking a PayPal payment for prank.

  1. Clone an Existing Bank Account Balance

This method involves replicating an existing bank’s website to create a fake bank account balance. I don’t recommend using this method for pranks; it’s intended for people who want to take their knowledge to another level, possibly involving fraud or other illegal activities.

To clone a bank website, you will need to invest some money. Keep in mind that this method requires a financial commitment, but it can be worth it.

If you create a simple website, your friends or anyone else may not trust it. To make it more convincing, you need to replicate the design of a real bank’s website. You can use a professional tool like HTTrack to clone a bank website.

Meanwhile, get to know scams that happen if someone has your bank account number.

Here’s how to clone a bank website with HTTrack:

Familiarize yourself with the bank’s website design.

Select a URL that closely resembles the original bank’s website. For example, if the bank’s website is “,” your selection could be something like “”

  • Install HTTrack: Start by downloading and installing HTTrack from the official website ( Make sure to choose the appropriate version for your operating system.
  • Launch HTTrack: Once the installation is complete, open HTTrack on your computer.
  • Create a New Project: Click on “File” or “New” to create a new project specifically for cloning the bank website.
  • Provide Project Details: Give a name to your project and select a location on your computer where you want the cloned bank website to be saved.
  • Specify Bank Website URL: In the “Web Addresses (URL)” field, enter the URL of the bank’s website you want to clone. For example, if the bank’s website is “,” enter that URL in the field.
  • Configure Scan Rules (Optional): If you want to customize the cloning process, you can set up scan rules to include or exclude specific files, directories, or file types from the cloning. However, if you want to clone the entire bank website as-is, you can skip this step.
  • Start Cloning Process: Click on the “Next” or “Finish” button to initiate the cloning process. HTTrack will begin downloading and saving the bank website’s content to your specified location.
  • Monitor Progress: Keep an eye on the progress bar or the log window displayed by HTTrack. This will show you the status and progress of the cloning process.
  • Access the Cloned Bank Website: Once the cloning process is complete, navigate to the location on your computer where HTTrack saved the cloned bank website. Open the cloned website in a web browser to view its content.

You can also customize the website to make it look authentic and input the desired balance. This may require the assistance of a web developer or using a customized URL. It’s relatively easy but a bit stressful, though.

  1. Clone an Existing Bank App

If you’re an app developer, this is easier for you. Otherwise, it requires more effort or hiring a professional.

Choose the bank you want and start the cloning process. Reliable tools can help you with this.

Once you have your fake mobile app ready, log in as a moderator and set the account balance to any figure you want.

People will believe it’s a real bank app when they see it. For example, my girlfriend got surprised when she saw my bank account balance and scolded me for not telling her earlier. I explained everything to her, and she was amazed.

Note: If you want the cloned mobile app to work online, you’ll need an app link. So, creating or cloning a bank website may be necessary.

Revealed: information you need to protect from scammers!

  1. Download a Fake Bank App from Playstore

This is the cheapest and easiest method, but it has some limitations. Many fake bank apps are available, such as the Money Prank app, FakePay, Money Transfer Prank, PayPrank, Fake Bank Account apps, and others.

You can find and install most of these apps from the Google Play Store. They allow you to customize your fake bank account, change the currency symbol, and perform fake transactions.

Fake Bank Account Balance Apps

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the fake bank apps available online:

1. Money Prank Pro

This app is easy to use and has a great user interface. It’s perfect for beginners. However, it has too many ads, which can be annoying.

2. Fake Money Prank

Another user-friendly app that allows you to add a fake balance to your account. It doesn’t let you use your own bank name, though. It’s also prone to logging out unexpectedly.

3. FakePay

This app lets you send fake money transfer screenshots to your friends. You can easily bluff about your bank balance. The app is easy to use and has no major disadvantages, except for a few ads.

4. FakePey

Use this app to share fake money transfer screenshots with your friends and family. It’s easy to use and allows you to create realistic fake transactions. You can also add as much fake money as you want, but it has some issues with updating the time and date, and it has too many ads that can be bothersome.

5. PayPrank

With this app, you can pretend to be the richest person among your friends. It’s easy to use and great for quick pranks. However, it has a tendency to log out frequently and shows many ads.

Downloading a Fake Bank App to create a fake bank account for pranks from the Play Store isn’t much of a big deal. All you need to do is:

Visit the Google Play Store.

Search for “Fake bank account balance” and install the Fake Bank Account app.

Open the app and make minor changes like your bank name and account balance to make it believable.

You can further customize the app’s details from the settings area to make it look more authentic.

Adjust the app according to your preferences to create a profile that appears natural and believable to your friends or clients.

Is it illegal to make a fake bank account?

No, making a fake bank account is generally not against the law if you’re just doing it for fun. However, it becomes illegal if you use it to scam or deceive others.

As a matter of fact, when we began making Computer programs, we’d pretend to create fintech applications, including bank apps and such. But as long as you don’t cheat or trick anyone, you’re safe to explore and experiment with such things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there fake banking apps?

Yes, as mentioned earlier on in the article, there are fake banking apps that allow people to make realistic bank account balances and even transactions to fool anyone into thinking it’s the real deal.

How to detect fake bank statements?

To detect fake bank statements you can try reaching out to the bank directly to confirm the statement’s legitimacy. Look out for inconsistencies like incorrect account numbers, formatting issues, or misspellings. And compare the statement with other official bank documents for consistency.

Final Thoughts on Fake Bank Account Balance

While we’ve been having a good laugh throughout this article, remember the importance of ethical conduct.

Manipulating financial information, engaging in fraudulent activities, or misleading others can have severe consequences. Always prioritize honesty, transparency, and legal practices in your financial affairs.

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