Best Asking for Money Text Messages: Updated Samples

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You need the best asking for money text messages if you must make money by requesting money from people. I will disclose the secret to set up a perfect text message that convinces someone to give you money.


To ask for money politely, go straight to asking for money in your text message or letter. Highlight the reason why you need the money and what you intend to do with the money to solve the problem.

To write a message asking for money, begin the first paragraph by greeting the recipient, and in the second paragraph, let the person know that the message is a money-request text message. In the subsequent paragraph of the message, explain why you need the money, tell the person what you’ll do with the money, and close with a final paragraph thanking the person for reading your message or letter.


The best way to ask for money in a text message is to be polite; every asking for help message must feature politeness and honesty.

In the sections below, I discuss the steps to write the best asking for money text messages alongside the sample letter asking for money.

How to Write a Message Asking for Money

In this section, I will reveal the steps to create asking for help messages.

If you do not know how to ask someone for money in a letter, it is likely that you will not get money from the person regardless of how pitiful your story is.


Below is how to write a message asking for money:

Open with Personal Salutation

A common mistake people make while writing an asking for help message is to use general salutations such as “Hello There”, “Hi All”, Dear Sir/Ma”, etc.

To ask for money in a text message successfully, open a salutation with a personal term like “Dear [name of recipient]”.

However, if you are sending the asking for money text messages to people you are not close to, you can use “Hello” or “Hi”.

Greet the Person

The first paragraph will thank the recipient for opening your text message and it will show how grateful you feel for them to open the money-request text message.

If the person helped or gave you some money in the past, endeavor to thank them for their past kindness.

Tell Your Story

What makes the best asking for money text message is how you tell your story. Be honest (if necessary), brief, and do not include unnecessary information in the story.

Note that an average reader can spare 2 minutes for reading a text message. So, keep the money-request story short to catch the interest of the recipient.

Describe What You Plan to Do

After telling your story, open another paragraph, and disclose what you intend to do to solve the problem.

You may include the amount of money that will solve the problem, but do not request the recipient to give you the exact amount of money.

I advise you to include the amount of money you need for the sake of transparency in your letter.

Make Your Demand Politely

Now, you have disclosed your story and what will solve the problem. Open a new paragraph and make a money request in the text message.

You must be polite and do not make the request as a command; make it a polite request. You can request like, “Considering the amount of money I need to solve my problem, you might want to contribute to see me through.”

Close with Call to Action

After you request money in the text message, include how the person or recipient can give you the money.

It could be through your bank account, e-wallet, or checking. Whatever the means of getting the money, include in the final paragraph alongside your account ID with instructions to make the payment.

If you are borrowing the money, indicate that you will pay it back in no time. And if you are certain of the time you will repay, include the date in the letter.

Tips to Convince Someone to Give You Money

After creating an excellent asking for help message, you need tips to make the recipient give you money fast.

I view these tips as money-request hacks because they work most of the time.

Below are tips to get money after asking in a text message:

Use an Emotional Tone

If a recipient must give you money after reading your text message asking for money, you must incite emotions.

Do not exaggerate by mentioning things that did not happen, unless you want to collect money for no concrete reason.

To incite emotions, explain to the recipient that you wish you had the money to solve your problem and be as happy as other people.

Make the Text Message Personal

Whether you are sending the text message to a stranger or a relative, endeavor to make the message personal.

People love to participate in something only when you engage them. You have to engage the recipient by using pronouns such as “you”, “we”, “I”, “us”, etc. It gives them the impression that you are directing the letter to them personally.

Don’t Offer to Repay Unless You’re Certain

You may be tempted to tell the recipient that you’ll repay, which is not a feature on the best money request text message.

But if you are certain you will repay and on a certain date, include it in the letter.

Don’t Compel the Recipient

I prefer not to compel my recipients when asking for money with text messages. The best thing to do in a text message for help is to allow the recipient to decide what is best for them.

For example, if you need $500, do not tell the person what to give and not to give.

Let the recipient decide whether to give all the money or contribute about $100 because you do not know their current financial situation.

Call the Recipient

After sending the message asking for money to someone, call to inform them that you sent the letter.

It is a good step to take because some persons may deny receiving any text message from you regarding the money you need.

When you call the recipient, tell them that you sent them a message and that since you could not say your request, you put it down as a text message.

Send Messages to Multiple Recipients

It is likely that one person will not give you a complete amount of money. So, you should send the message to multiple persons.

Note: Edit each text message before you send it across to people. For instance, the salutation for Mr. A will differ from the salutation you use for Mrs. B.

Best Asking for Money Text Messages

In this section, I will provide you with the best asking for help message templates.

Of course, you require excellent asking for money text message templates to collect money from relatives and strangers.

I will highlight 4 sample letters for money.

Below are sample letters for asking for money messages:

Sample Message Template: 1

If you are writing to a close person

Dear [name or title of recipient],

First, I am super grateful that you are sparing time to read this message. I hope you are doing great.

I am grateful for the favor you did me [mention the favor if any] and would always be grateful. However, [name of recipient] I am stuck in a situation I hope you can assist me to get rid of.

Recently, I faced difficulties in [describe the problem you are facing] and I hope to sort myself before it is too late.

Dear [name of recipient], you are a kind-hearted friend, and I am pleading that you see me through this difficult time.

If you would be willing to assist me, kindly do me this favor by crediting [enter your account details; name, number, and issuer of account]

Once again, I am grateful for the time you have given my letter.

Thank you.



[Your name]


Sample Message Template: 2

If you are writing to a stranger


I am grateful that you have to halt every one of your activities to read this letter from me, [your name], to you, [name of recipient].

When we find ourselves in tough situations, we ask for help from those that can help us. I may not be close to you, but I am positive that you are one of the few I can look to for happiness.

I have a problem I wish could solve alone, but it is beyond my powers. The problem I have is that [explain your problem briefly] and I am sharing it with you because I can’t handle it alone.

I have reviewed the problem and the amount that can solve the problem is $250.

I would be grateful if you assist me, at least to reach a certain amount. So far, I have gathered $20. Please, assist me by paying into [include how you want the payment to be made].

Thank you.



[Your full name]


Sample Message Template: 3

If you are writing to a person of a high position

Dear [title and name of the person],

I must confess that I am proud to have you open my letter. I hope everything is moving swiftly and I pray you the strength to handle each of your responsibilities.

Sometimes, things happen that pin us down, but there are always people to assist in taking us back up. You are one such personality blessed to guide and spur others up.

It is quite unfortunate for me to be in a demanding situation I am in now. The challenge I am facing is that [describe the problem briefly].

I have put several things in place to solve the problem and so far, I have been able to cover 14% of the problem. The total cost for solving the problem is $210, which I am able to gather 14%.

If you would love to help me cover my cost, kindly assist me through [include your payment details; bank account, PayPal, etc.].

I would be anticipating your warm response.

Thank you.



[Your full name]


Sample Message Template: 4

If you are writing to an older relative; uncle, aunt, grandparents, etc.


Dear [Grandma, Granddad, Uncle, Aunt, etc.],

Thank you for giving time to your beloved text message. How is the family and how is [mention the name of other loved ones that live with them] and I hope everything is going on fine.

I have a lovely family and loving relatives, and you are one of the loveable relatives I can comfortably ask for help.

The problem I have is beyond my reach though I wish I could handle it alone. I have been [describe your problem] for a while and I have informed my parents.

I know I have to fix this problem and I had outlined a solution to the problem. The total cost of demand is $70, and my parents have given me $15 to add to the $10 I have, which makes it $25. I still have some more money to add and I am pleading that you assist me to solve the problem.

If you would consider helping me with money, below are my payment details [include your bank account or your e-wallet details].

I would be hoping to hear from you soon.

Thank you.


Yours Lovely,

[Your full name]


How to be Polite When Asking for Money Through Text Message

People find it challenging to be polite when asking for help or money via text messages. Below are tips to ask for money through text message politely:

Beg to an Extent

Though you want money from the person, you do not have to beg as if you are hopeless. Open the message with a simple and general salutation like “Dear”.

In the first paragraph of the asking for money text messages, tell the recipient that you are grateful that they are giving time to your letter.

Tell an Honest and Brief Story

While telling your story, ensure it is brief, sometimes in just 5 or 7 lines. Be concise and specific with your request. For example, if you need money to buy a dog, tell them the dog you intend to buy, and why you like the dog.

Do not seem confused in the letter; otherwise, the recipient will conclude that you are not ready for the money yet.

Do Not Compel the Recipient

Have in mind that you are requesting money and not instructing them to give you money. What makes your letter for help compelling is the tone, so, be mindful of your tone, and make sure to reread every line.

If the lines are compelling, restructure them to become honest requests. You can use words such as “dear”, “my”, “your”, “help”, “please”, “thanks”, “assist”, “condition”, “unable”, and “grateful”.

Conclude with a Call to Action

Before you conclude, your call to action must state how you expect to receive the money. The recipient may not remember to call you to ask how you want the payment.

So, you have to include the payment method and your payment details before you thank the recipient and close the asking for help message.

Asking for Money Back Text Messages

It is common for people to collect money from you and fail to return the money. Sometimes, it could be that the person forgot to repay or does not have enough money to pay back.


Regardless of their reasons, you are free to request your money, especially if the person has exceeded the promised date.

However, you have to be polite and not make the person feel you are looking down on them or developing hate for them. What do you do or include in the text message for someone to return your money back?

In this section, I will teach you the basics of asking for your money back through text messages.

Below are ideas to include when asking for money back text messages:

Greet the Person Formally

Though the person is your debtor, you should address them with respect. It makes them feel guilty and they will immediately work towards giving back your money.

In the text message, use the conventional “Dear”, “Hello”, or “Hi” to open a salutation.

In the introductory paragraph (first paragraph), ask about how the person is doing and wish them well.

Remind them of the Money

In the following paragraph, remind the person of the owed money politely. Do not seem angry or remorseful, and go straight to the point.

State the Agreements

To make someone give your money back after sending them a text message, remind them of the agreement when they asked for the money.

If the money request was in the form of a text message, you can quote a line of the agreement in your text message.

It reminds them that they had promised to pay back your money and they will work extra to pay back the money you lend them.

Disclose How You Feel

Obviously, you do not feel good that they are yet to pay back your money. Include that you do not feel any form of honesty from them and that it tempts you to regret sacrificing for them at the time of their need.

Tell Them Why You Need the Money

If you have a problem at the moment, include in the letter that you intend to solve a particular problem. And that you need the money to add up and sort yourself.

Do not threaten them and do not vow to take any measure to collect the money. But if the person seems to refuse to pay the money, indicate how disappointed you are.

Be Grateful and Conclude

Conclude the text message like any other message and thank them for their time. Tell them to reconsider repaying you or that it will affect the trust and respect you have for them.

Sample Messages to Ask for Money Back

In this section, I have outlined asking for money back text messages templates for you.

Below are samples of asking for money back text messages:

Sample Money Back Template: 1

If the person is yet to message you regarding the money they borrowed from you


Hello [name of recipient]

I hope you are doing great over there because I am not so happy back here. Extend my greetings to [mention the name of people you know that stay with them].

Recall that you requested a favor [describe the money request you received from the person] from me, which I granted without hesitation. However, you are yet to fulfill your promise.

I have a bit of a problem that requires money at the moment and I was hoping you will get back to me at the due date. But it seems you have forgotten, which is why I am writing to remind you of the agreement.

I know you to be a [man or woman] of your words and I am confident you will pay me the borrowed money to add to solve the little problem before me.

You may send the money to [include the payment details] and I will inform you once I receive the alert.

Thanks for your understanding.


[Your name]


Sample Money Back Template: 2

If the person refuses to pick up your calls or message back


Hi [name of recipient]

Today makes the umpteenth time I am writing to you without a response, which is quite wrong of you. I hope you are doing great and I wish you more happiness.

Some time ago, you asked for a favor from me, and I did not hesitate to grant the favor, even though I did not have enough. But I feel disappointed and unhappy and at the same time, it is unbelievable that someone like you would treat me in this unwelcoming manner.

If had refused to give you the money, I would have felt restless, but I did it because I respected and trusted that you will pay back the money.

If not that I am in need, I would not message or call you one bit. But I cannot help but request that you pay me back so that I can sort myself.

For the sake of our continued friendship and trust, kindly pay the money to [add your payment details] and I will inform you the moment I receive an alert.




[Your name]


Final Thought

In this article, I highlighted the best asking for money text messages and asking for money back text messages.

If you are asking for money from someone through text message, do not hesitate to be polite because being polite convinces people to give you money. And if you are asking for your money back, endeavor not to insult or threaten the debtor.

It could be that the debtor has no money and he/she is ashamed to answer your phone calls or reply to your messages.

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