10 Best Excuses to Get Money from Parents

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With good excuses to get money from parents, you will hardly become broke. Of course, even if your parents do not have much money, they would afford to give you money always.


To trick your parents to give you money, you need good excuses that will convince them to send or give money to you.

A good excuse to get money from parents is typically polite and realistic. Your parents know when a request is untrue and they may delay giving you the money because they have to investigate whether you are being honest or not.


However, if you are older than 25, it is not a good age to be making excuses to get money from your parents. If you set realistic goals, your parents may be of help, so far it is an investment that will bring you money.

In this article, I disclose some good excuses to get money from your parents without them refusing.

Excuses to Get Money from Parents

In this section, I will show you the typical excuses to use to collect a lot of money from your parents.

Note: The good excuses to get money from your parents below can render your parents broke. So, do not use them every time because your parents will never find out, especially if you do not live with them.


Below are the best excuses to get money from parents:

  1. Failed Investment

One of the excuses to get money from parents is to tell them about a failed Investment.

Your parents, especially your mum, would demand to know what investment such could be.

Honestly, you can refer to anything as an investment that failed you. For example, assuming two local rugby teams faced each other over the weekend, you could say that you predicted that a particular side would win. And that you, however, lost the bet to your friend.

But, never say to your parents that you invested in gambling; any parent would be disappointed in you for becoming a gambler.

This excuse works on parents most of the time and you may give it a try.

Prior to informing your parents, you could challenge a friend to predict the outcome of a local competition with you. At least, you will have it in the record that you invested in the prediction.

  1. Lend/Give Money to a Good Friend

We all have that one friend we can spare some cash with without a second thought.

Well, if you tell your parents that you lend or give money to a friend, whereas you did not, you are lying to them.

But if you did, even though you had some money, tell your parents that you do not have money because you gave some money to your good friend.

Your parents will not oppose your kindness because it will be heartless of them. Your mum specifically would commend you for being kind and you will get money from your parents.

If you did not give or loan money to a friend some time ago, do not say to your parents that you did.

  1. Project at School

I assume you are a college student, but if you are not, then this one is not for you somehow. And if you are a graduate, this excuse will not trick your parents to give you money.

The university tasks students with projects often and your parents are aware that the school is a demanding institution.

It is likely that the university assigned you a task some time ago and would likely do it again.

So, you can say to your parents:

Dad, mum, the school is holding me by the neck. I have a new project to handle already and I am expecting another one soon.

Please, give me some money to begin this project while awaiting the upcoming projects.

Your parents want the best for you and would be willing to give you the money, which makes it a good excuse to get money.

  1. I Feel Poor

It is okay to feel poor, especially if you do not have enough money to join your friends at a party or to get yourself something desirable.

One of the best excuses to get money from your parents is to tell them that you feel poor.

If your parents are okay financially, they will give you money to feel rich at least for a while.

Maybe your parents are yet to give you some pocket money, and this makes a perfect time and excuse to ask for money from them.

  1. Mom Said, “You Will”

If you have no money, ask mum first unless you are aware she is not okay financially. Even if she is not, ask her and she will refer you to dad.

Mum would say, “you may have to ask dad for some money.” Even if she makes the statement passively, it is enough evidence that mum approved requesting money from dad.

Now, locate dad and report that mum asked you to ask him for money.

He may say that he has no money; just remind him that the request is coming from the wife and not from you.

Note, however, that the permit from mum may not secure money for you from dad.

  1. Dad Said, “You Will”

Another top excuse to get money from parents is to ask dad and wait for him to refer you to mum.

Since dad may not be the only parent in the house, he will not give in to your demand Immediately. First, he will say he does not have it, especially since you do not intend to reveal what you need the money for.

When you disturb him the more, he will refer you to mum.

Well, you just receive the go-to-mum ticket from dad to ask mum for money.

Go to mum, say to mum, “dad says I should ask you for money and that you will give me money. Don’t fall your husband, please!”

It is likely that mum will give you 50% of the money you need. You may then contact your dad for the remaining 50% of the money.

  1. No Materials for Assignments

You can make the excuse that you have no material to work on your assignments at school.

Whether you are in high school or the collect, it makes a good excuse to get money from parents without them refusing.

Your parents want the best for you and would make sure to provide money for you to buy helpful materials for your assignments at school.

You may tell your parents that you intend to buy textbooks or pay to access resources online to gather the information you need for assignments.

If you intend to use the money for a friend’s birthday party or stuff other than books, you may tell your parents that you could take out a portion of the money for it.

  1. No Gift in a While!

How often do your parents buy you gifts? Well, if it is a while since they last bought you gifts, you may use it as an excuse to get money from them.

Tell your parents that you forgive them for not spoiling their child with gifts and that you need some money from them as a substitute.

Your parents would, of course, give you money, and you can use it to buy whatever you want.

Sometimes, your parents may choose to send you gifts, but because you need the money, ask them to give you the gift in the form of money.

  1. Dad, Mum, “Am I Not Your Child?”

Regarding the excuses to get money from your parents, you may remind them that you are their child.

Reminding your parents that you are their child is enough reason to spur your parents to give you money without asking questions.

Your mum may blush at this statement and it can incite your dad to give you a tight hug if you are with them.

After that, tell them you need some money emotionally. Without questions or hesitation, your parents will give you money.

  1. I Will Pay Back

At some point, your parents expect you not to ask them for money all the time. I am assuming that you have reached an age when you could afford certain things without asking your parents.

If you need money from your parents without them refusing, tell them that you will pay back the money. But do not give your parents a particular date when you will pay back; Otherwise, they will disturb you to fulfill your promise when the date arrives.

If you do not provide a date, your parents will forget the money eventually and it makes a great excuse to collect money from your parents.

If your parents would not forget that you borrowed money from them, do not worry, they do not mean to get the money back.

Tips to Ask Your Parents for Money

Below are tips to use to make excuse for money from parents:

Don’t Say Why You Need the Money

I am assuming you need the money to get a beer, go partying, see a movie with friends, etc. And you know that your parents may not be willing to give you the money for such reasons.

When your parents pressurize for the main reason, continue giving them the excuses above for money.

Be Emotional

When you wear an emotional look, your parents will give you money fast.

It is a facial excuse that your parents can’t help but give you money to make you feel alright.

Promise to Pay Back

Tell your parents that you will pay them back but do not give them a date.

Some parents will set reminders to remind you of your promise. And if your parents ask why you would not pay them their money back, tell them you will pay them back in the future.

Final Thought

If you lie to your parents outrightly, it is not an excuse to get money from them.

Do not lie to your parents for money and do not frame up false stories such as getting robbed, losing your money to a pickpocket, misplacing your money, or helping a stranger you did not.

You can lie about a friend’s birthday as excuses to sneak out and spend the money on reasonable items.

When your parents say they do not have money, believe me, they do not have the money at the moment. They may have some demanding budgets they are not ready to risk halting for any reason.

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